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BigBasket — Scams Company

I placed the transaction with Big Basket via their on the internet website on Oct 2, 2015. Marketplace quantity came to Rs 1532. I am careful of them so I always pay by cash on delivery. This way I can monitor of the delivery and will never reduce cash if they don’t provide on time.

bigbasket scam

Anyway, my purchase was expected to achieve between 7 and 10 pm on Oct 3, 2015. Women known as me up at 4 pm and said my purchase will be late and I can anticipate it only the next day by mid-day. I said Ok. I did not examine my cellphone. The delivery people known as me at 12 pm and I thought they were patiently waiting outside my checkpoint. I was thinking why they never go the gong if they were status outside. Next day, morning hours I got the delivery. I noticed to my scary that all the vegetables are dull and had gone bad.

I signed a problem on their Facebook page. There was a conventional reaction from the group saying: Hi NithyaKalyani, We are incredibly sorry for the difficulty triggered, we will get in contact with you. Thank you.

Then after a while, I saw this concept on my FB publish page:

They did not contact me at all. They are a fraud company, buy things from regional providers, and indicate up the costs after appearance dull foodstuffs. They also seem to have a useless and fake number to befool people! So, I suggest never to trust this site, otherwise you will lose your money and you will not benefits from this site.

Lastly, I am sure there is advantage in reducing their price by not having any actual shop but I never see the advantages in-turn approved on to the clients. Most of the times the providers in the website are not useful and they are never customized to me as client. I know any e-commerce pages has to get to the range to stability the price of client purchase against the lifetime value, they get produced from clients but to complete it they have to make sure they make some powerful provides available in the shop on some of the generally bought items by clients but, I don’t find any of their provides / reduced items exciting.

Similarly the little purchase dimension Rs 1000 to delivery it without delivery expenses is frustrating. I can comprehend they can’t absolutely do away with it but they should take it down to as low as Rs 250 as many doesn’t choose to get the vegetables / seafood / various meats etc. in large and chill it for the week’s use.

Overall, though as a client I really appreciate many aspects like a well executing pages, fantastic strategies, high quality of items provided and things to look for, on a long run to make me as a faithful client, I believe they have to apply some of the above powerful recommendations.

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