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I asked for a basket-full of 24 products charging over Rs.1600 with a deduction voucher of ICICI financial institution card. I decided 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM port of the next day for delivery. However, when I created the purchase and bought it, the app selects 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM as the delivery port, a GLITCH according to their group. When I know as to change my delivery port, the client support said that they couldn’t help me with this. Either I could tell my others who live nearby to obtain a whole basket of 24 products and shop it for me, or terminate the purchase in which case, I would not be able to make use of the lower price voucher again and lose the lower price. I asked for them if they could notify the delivery group about it as it was only 30 minutes since I had made the purchase, but the client support team, clearly declined for the same and said that will never be possible. I terminated the purchase and select never to use again as they themselves do not have complete details about the purchases we create. They said that all they know is that my purchase is under handling and do not know who or which shop shall be providing my purchase. That is so crazy and frustrating simultaneously. I hope that they create there techniques and operations more client helpful and effective.

Big basket provides good search and wide range of choices to buy. Be careful of the issues though as these create a factor to your comfort and experience:

If transaction is unsuccessful, which is 30% of the situations (earlier it was 80% failure), your encounter becomes terrible. It demands delay for 15 minutes any moment you try to pay again on the purchase, until the verification is caused by the Payment verification is obtained from the Bank. In addition, it is a continuous tale once we get this concept. It’s a pathway and mistake to see when it is again recognizing transaction.

Most severe part is the purchase is placed even if your transaction doesn’t goes through and we have to delay for app to work to pay online or end up with a discomfort that our grandparents/parents to whom you signal products and presents, will have to pay for what you have sent!

The support quality in my area being deteriorated.Nowadays night I have asked for one dessert for wedding of my little girl and compensated in enhance with show delivery cost. That was planned to be provided by 9 pm. But no delivery or any details given by them. When I know as to client support at 9.05 pm, they advised delivery will be created little late to traffic or automobile problem. Nothing occurred. At 9.40 pm, they known as and advised that purchase have been terminated due to range however, same product has been provided by the same vender in my place previously. I have been embarrassed before my little girl and her friend. Local stores were also shut that period.

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