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What I Would Not Like That a lot about BigBasket

Out from inventory: Numerous things will be constantly out of stock. Like mushrooms. Meaning I have to go to my local grocery store anyway

Limited range: I needed a certain brand of milk products, couldn’t find it on Big Basket. As well needed a certain brand of cookies, could not find.

Trying to find Keggs eggs. Could hardly find. Wish they would increase their range soon.

Under-ripe bananas: Several produce, specifically bananas, get 7 days in order to reach maturity immediately after Large Container delivers. So now we are buying the bananas through a nearby shop. This is a common fruit syndrome, we’ve noticed.

App: Mr T experimented with deploying it repeatedly; it is buggy (not confident just what exactly does not work well.) The website is rather convenient to use, but might improve. Especially product details and photographs.
Meats & Species of fish: Last night all of us made your bass all of us obtained through Large Container (Rohu) only to realize in which 1 bass were included with 1 travel as well as 2 tails!! We all chucked out your items, certainly, as well as deducted that people shall no longer be likely to sequence bass as well as meat by using bones through Large Basket. Rather unsatisfying! delivers household goods within Banglalore, Mumbai, Pune & Hyderabad. Mr T as well as I sequence household goods around 3 to 4 periods on a monthly basis, paying all over Rs 500 – Rs 2500 on every purchase and then we find it irresistible!

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