Why I Stopped Using – A Big Scam

The enjoyment that I had when I used the Big Basket support new, few months ago is all disappeared.When I first came to know about Big Basket through one of my co-workers I am thrilled as well as skeptical about the whole business of purchasing shopping over web in Indian Perspective. Nevertheless, I made a decision to give a try to see how good their support is. When I made my first purchasing in Big Basket site, being a person in IT space, I am pleased by many of the exciting features that made a beneficial effect on client encounter.

Completely structured item online catalogs right from clean fruits & clean vegetables to various meats section

  • A well executing web page without any wait around / latency in obtaining any of the pages
  • Faster look for outcomes with a real-time record proven right at the base of the look for box
  • A service to do a simple add of the detailed products to the purchasing cart
  • Ability to getting it provided in one of the 4/5 available time slots
  • And more important approval of food coupons / payment on distribution option

In internet, all it took is not more than 5 minutes to develop my record and position a purchase against going to the encompassing comfort shop to purchasing this food ….

The above is all on my beneficial expertise in putting in an purchasing and on I am similarly pleased by the immediate distribution at the made the decision time spots, well behaved support personal, nicely loaded food provided without loss, approval to take back faulty products and payment on distribution option

Why I ceased using Big Basket?

First and major all the thrill of purchasing food over web was disappeared after my third purchasing. I don’t know why but it just occurred. I am not sure what BigBasket can do all about to resolve this. May be to some level they could have reduced it by exciting with me in an entertaining very consistently. They know a lot about me. My information is there, my regular purchasing products are known, and area is distributed and may be lot more information in my communications with the site. However, I hardly obtained any connections. Probably an exciting conversation with me as a purchasing on foundation of the above details via updates, e-mails, reviews and so on sharing some important content / provides / actions etc. could have maintained my enjoyment in using the support.

The next greatest problem out of 10 products I plan to purchase in the site I skip at least three. I am sure that I am not looking for anything insane. It is as common as clean seafood of my option, clean fruits / veggie of my option etc. The problem with this is eventually I don’t have any other option than going to the encompassing shop to purchasing these losing products, which doesn’t create the whole encounter exciting.

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